MIMA Lab. Made With Love

A documentary about MIMA Lab for Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013

"Made With Love"

Video Credits: Mário Sousa & Marta Brandão

2013 October



MIMA Housing works have been published on many acclaimed websites such as:


Feel free to download images of our work by visiting the product section of our website, clicking on any project page. If you are writing an article about us online, you are free to use images of our work on your website or blog if you use proper credits. If you would like to feature us in a book or magazine, please email us.  We ask that you properly credit each piece and send us a printed copy of your book, magazine, or newspaper in the mail for our archives. All our photo credits belong to José Campos.



One of the most renewed architecture and construction magazines in the world.

Arquitectura e Construção

A renewed architecture magazine in Portugal. MIMA House has been featured in September 2012.

A10 Magazine

A10 presents new buildings and projects by tomorrow's stars, forgotten masters and as yet unknown talents.

Casas & Negócios

This portuguese architecture magazine featured MIMA House in April 2012.


Espaços & Casas - Expresso

This portuguese architecture magazine featured MIMA House in April 2012.

UP Magazine - TAP

TAP portuguese airlines have featured MIMA House on their May 2012 issue.

Caixa Magazine

A magazine dedicated fundamentally to lifestyle and business. Caixa reinforces the idea that artists should learn how to develop their activity within a sustainable business plan.

Artes & Vidas - Jornal de Notícias

Jornal de Notícias covered the opening of an art installation in Viana do Castelo, using parts of MIMA units and several mirrors. The result was an interesting multiplied and distorted spatiality that enhances the potential of MIMA House concept.

Time Out Porto

A lifestyle magazine that comments events in northern Portugal.

Portuguese Contemporary Houses

A recently book with a selection of houses designed by portuguese architects.

C3 Architecture Magazine

Corean renewed architecture magazine has featured MIMA House on their issue "Bargains to Valuables" in July 2012.

Grand Design Magazine

British Architecture and Design magazine featured MIMA House in April 2012.


MIMA House has been featured in this Turkish architecture magazine.

Arquitectura y Diseno

MIMA House has been featured in this Spanish architecture magazine.

Visão Magazine Portugal

The best selling portuguese magazine Visão has dedicated a large article to the presentation of MIMA House. Read here.

Expresso - Os 100 mais influentes de 2012

Marta Brandão and Mário Sousa have been considered by one of the biggest portuguese newspaper amongst the 100 portuguese personalities with higher influence in 2012. Here.

Cx Magazine

Caixa magazine featured MIMA for the second time in an article about sucessful portuguese architects, enhancing the worldwide recognition of portuguese architecture in October 2012.

Dia de Portugal

We've been invited by Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva for an official event celebration of Portugal's official day the 10th June, an event that pays tribute to the portuguese who have been distinguished abroad.

Edition 29

US Magazine Edition 29 has featured MIMA House in June 2013. A recorded interview is available in the iPad version.

SCA Magazine

Brazilian Magazine SCA has featured MIMA in May 2013.

Construir Magazine 

MIMA has been nominated for Coinstruir prizes in 2013.

Maxim Magazine

A lifestyle magazine.

marta brandão0_imagem.jpg

Jornal de Negócios

Marta Brandão was interviewed by portuguese newspaper Jornal de Negócios in 2014. Click to read full interview.

Revista Sábado

Mário Sousa and Marta Brandão's interview in portuguese magazine Revista Sábado in 2015. Click to read full interview.


Magazine distributed by TAP, with an article of MIMA Housing. Click to read.


Lifestyle and new trends magazine, with an interview to MIMA Housing creators. Click to read.


1/4 MIMA House Installation

Exploring MIMA's spatial potential

1/4 MIMA 

This installation has been developed to illustrate MIMA's spatial potential. Only 1/4 of a base 56 sq.m. unit is built, yet a composition of mirrors makes us understand a space that is 4 times multiplied. Inside, furniture pieces are made in half, and yet the mirrors make them look like complete pieces spaces in a strange and abstract space. The sensation is the one of a dizzy uncertainty of where real physical space starts and ends.


Projects Exhibition

A selection of MIMA Lab's projets


We have selected some of our favorite projects and we've done a small exhibition of models and images at our own space in Viana do Castelo. Some of them are still displayed and everyone is invited to step by and have a look.