MIMA House is an exquisite dwelling manufactured in northern Portugal. It is unique for its ability to be reconfigured by the owners in project and also post-delivery. The interior walls consist of lightweight panels that can be easily relocated or removed by two people. Several years have been spent refining the concept in order to arrive at a finished product that would be quick to manufacture, easy to assemble, of good quality and affordable.

MIMA House has been awarded Building of The Year 2011 by the world’s most renowned architecture platform Archdaily.


The house has a square plan with the four facades being nearly identical. Corner posts support the roof so that the intervening walls can be entirely glass. The exterior styling is unabashedly modern with clean lines and crisply folded edges.

MIMA House Loft 1.0

Total Area 62m2

MIMA House Studio

Total Area 68m2

MIMA House 1.1

Total Area 89m2

MIMA House 2.0

Total Area 114m2

MIMA House 1.3

Total Area 144m2

MIMA House 2.1

Total Area 142m2

MIMA House 3.0

Total Area 167m2

MIMA House 3.0

Total Area 167m2

MIMA House 4.0

Total Area 211m2


The 36m2 (387.5 ft2) of inside floor area is divided into a 1.5m (4’11’’) grid by integrated tracks in the floor and ceiling. The interior wall system consists of frames that are snapped into place in the tracks. As a result, the rooms can be expanded or reduced in increments of 1.5 m. Finish panels are then attached to both sides of the wall frames. The finish panels are available in a variety of colors or wood veneer. They can have different colors on either side, so the decor of the house can be changed just by flipping the panels over. Similar panels can be used to cover the windows as needed for privacy or to block out unwanted sunlight and views.

Each side of internal and external walls can have a different color / finishing, which allows a dramatic change through a simple wall rotation. Despite its standardized construction methods, MIMA houses can be customized in so many parameters, that you'll hardly see two equal houses.





MIMA House is the result of many years of investigations and experiments. It combines both high standard design with a multifunctional space and can be requested for different typologies. Its space is available for permanent or temporary housing, business offices, commercial purposes, and a lot more, always refined with the best design.



Our investigations and experiments led us to a solid and innovative construction methodology that allows us to easily design the best solution for all geographic sites in a short time. MIMA House process involves a very flexible system whose components are perfectly selected according to site specifications and climate conditions.


EXTENDED Guarantee

All the materials and components of a MIMA House are selected according to their high qualities, in order to provide the best experience and comfort to its owners. All of our products are tested and certified to guarantee an extended and better lifetime. Our work is to compromise beauty with efficiency and high quality.



You can choose between an open space or an equipped house. If you decide for an equipped house, MIMA House includes interior walls, doors, downlights, wardrobe, bathroom, boiler and kitchen. The price varies depending on the type, components and finishes of MIMA House you choose. You may also adjust the final price to your own budget.


MIMA House is built and assembled by Portilame, an industry with three decades of experience and hundreds of projects realized, from rehabilitation, structures and new constructions. From the technicians to administrative people, from the production to assembly, they have specialized teams, supported by advanced computerized technology, sustaining a design and customized production with the highest quality.

MIMA Housing is powered by Portilame.




Since the very early beginning of MIMA project, a parallel software has been developed to allow for customers to take part on the design process. It has been conceived as a Virtual Architect that guides costumers through the different customization possibilities of a MIMA House: location, size, typology, layout, walls, openings, interior and exterior finishings. After testing your own project, you will receive a pdf with the drawings and renderings of the house you designed.





The MIMA IN package is intended for interior decoration of houses. MIMA IN facilitates access to the world of decoration, through counseling, planning and ordering of furniture for interior fittings. MIMA Housing also has a design furniture collection available at MIMALISM.


The MIMA OUT package is the study and budgeting of landscaping for MIMA houses. MIMA Housing architects will provide counseling and planning in order to create the perfect symbiosis between the design of MIMA House and the site landscape.


Photography Credit to ©José Campos.