Nowadays society is getting more and more nomad. We, as individuals, have the need of mobility and to move from one place to another. Debating this issue, MIMA designers overcame the idea that transportation has to be expensive and created a new prototype of what may be called the assembled car. Following the principles of the Ford T and mass production, and combining function with beauty, this car is completely assembled by a single person and is driven the safest way possible.


The idea is to produce a fashion collection with folded sharp edges and the portuguese 'Tartufo' material, giving them a seductive aspect. These pieces have been designed on an approach similar to those of architectural models.


Inspired in a land art piece by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, we sought to define a space for a summer café through a modular repetition of stylized "umbrellas", that once associated generate a complex architectural space. This complex formal/spatial installation is noticeable not only from the top level of the square, but also from a further location. The geometry that is generated through the aggregation provides density to the interior space, generating optimized seating spaces and circulation paths. Constructively, the base module is built in fiber glass and integrates ceiling, floor, table and chairs. The enclosure and wind protection will be enabled through the addition of windows or screens supported on top of the umbrella and base. Because it is a space composed through the aggregation of independent modules, this structure is easy to disassemble and store when not in use.


Photo credits: José Campos