MIMA ReStart concept envisions the development of a reconstruction solution that enables the respect towards the pre-existence and its simultaneous enhancement, avoiding the efforts and costs usually associated to reconstruction projects. In this sense, the strategy is to demolish only the roofs and partition walls of old buildings and to keep the pre-existing exterior wall structure (reminiscent of the former built condition). The new building structures (in timber) are then confined  to the interior of the ruins, yet acting as a completely independent construction.


The facade results on an overlay of stone facade and new timber / glass construction, reaching a formal wealth and complexity that is hardly seen elsewhere, and that could only result from an association of the ancient and the new.

The interior of the houses is a combination of luxury and comfort. The overall materiality is generated from the internal association of wood (the exposed structure) with sculptural volumes with high gloss finishings. Due to its excellent thermal characteristics, timber enables not only a cozy and pleasant ambience, but also an effective protection agains climate oscillations. The sculptural volumes define WC and kitchen acting as art pieces inside the houses and defining circulation spaces.


Structurally, the units operate according to a matrix which defines both the building structure and internal components. The fur- niture is recurrently integrated within fixed walls, providing cabinets and shelves in the living areas. Spatially, the houses were designed in accordance with applicable regulations (regarding the dimensions of rooms, circulation and accessibility). 





MIMA ReStart is the result of the symbiosis between old and the new eras. It combines both high standard design with a multifunctional space and can be requested for many typologies. Its space is available for permanent or temporary housing, business offices, commercial purposes, and a lot more, always refined with the best design.



Our investigations and experiments led us to a solid and innovative construction methodology that allows us to design the best solution for all geographic sites in a short time. MIMA ReStart process involves a very flexible system whose components are perfectly selected according to site specifications and climate conditions.



All the materials and components of a MIMA ReStart are selected according to their high qualities, in order to provide the best experience and comfort to its owners. All of our products are tested and certified to guarantee an extended and better lifetime. Our work is to compromise beauty with efficiency and high quality. 



You can choose between an open space or an equipped house. If you decide for an equipped house, MIMA ReStart includes interior walls, doors, downlights, wardrobe, bathroom, boiler and kitchen. The prices varies depending on the type, components and finishes of MIMA ReStart you choose. You may also adjust the final price to your own budget.


MIMA ReStart is built and assembled by Portilame, an industry with three decades of experience and hundreds of projects realized, from rehabilitation, structures and new constructions. From the technicians to administrative people, from the production to assembly, they have specialized teams, supported by advanced computerized technology, sustaining a design and customized production with the highest quality.

MIMA Housing is powered by Portilame.





Find a Land is a service provided by MIMA Housing, where MIMA experts help you finding the perfect site for a MIMA assembly through counseling, site visits, topographical and architectural survey and consult of legal procedures. 


The MIMA IN package is intended for interior decoration of houses. MIMA IN facilitates access to the  world of decoration, through counseling, planning and ordering of furniture for interior fittings. MIMA Housing also has a design furniture collection available at MIMALISM.


The MIMA OUT package is the study and budgeting of landscaping for MIMA houses. MIMA Housing architects will provide counseling and planning in order to create the perfect symbiosis between the design of MIMA House and the site landscape.