Building your MIMA House will be an easy and rewarding collaboration from concept to completion. A team of architects will help you on the definition of the layout, finishings and costs and will then guide you through the overall process.



The concept phase begins with your idea of dream house which led you to try our 3D MIMA software and to contact us. Through a meeting with our architecture team, we can provide you with all the important information and guide you through the steps that will follow. The base drawings and costs of your MIMA will be provided by the end of this phase, and, after your approval, we'll be the ready to move forward to the permitting phase.



6 - 8 WEEKS

MIMA Housing architects prepare and submit the permitting process for approval. This includes architecture and engineering projects. Our houses are compliant with all legal procedures, so this phase could be a merely formality and causes no damage in the whole process. At the same time, we discuss details with our construction and assembly partners to ensure that everything goes as expected. Every city and local administration can be different when it comes to regulations and hence approval times aren't easy to estimate.


5 - 8 WEEKS

MIMA Housing uses modular construction methods, the secret for its fast production. This methodology allows us to quickly assemble the house indoors so we can test all the components and ensure that everything corresponds to our high standard planning. After this process, the house is ready to be assembled on site within a short time.



16 - 20 WEEKS


While the house is being assembled and tested in our factory, the site is being prepared for the final assembly. MIMA Housing usually works with local teams that ensure the quality of the construction. Due to MIMA's foundations system, this process is much faster than any traditional construction and it is all controlled by our team of experts. Our project team will keep you informed of all the assembly status so that you can follow the entire process even if you're abroad.




The final assembly depends on the components you chose for your house, but it is the fastest phase of the whole process. Due to our flexible system, a minimum of resources is required for the final assembly. After the finishings phase, a final takeover is arranged together with you, to check all the final details. In a short time, your house is ready to welcome you. We hope you enjoy the experience of having a MIMA, as much as we have enjoyed building it for you.




4 - 6 weeks Conceptual Design Study 1% of home price
6 - 8 weeks Architecture & Specialties Design Project Development 9% of home price
5 - 8 weeks Delivery Payment 40% of home price
16 - 20 weeks Delivery Payment 40% of home price
1 week Final Payment 10% of home price


Note: Timings and percentages may vary according to the house dimension.




MIMA Housing is proud to collaborate with successful and innovative companies. Scroll down to discover them. 


MIMA House is built and assembled by Portilame, an industry with three decades of experience and hundreds of projects completed, from rehabilitation, structures and new constructions. From the technicians to administrative people, from the production to assembly, they have specialized teams, supported by advanced computerized technology, sustaining a design and customized production with the highest quality.

MIMA Housing is powered by Portilame.


Prisminfinito is a proactive engineering company that works directly with MIMA Housing in order to ensure all certifications required for MIMA houses implantation.


LethesHome is a modern and sophisticated brand that sells textile products, home decorative accessories and high standard furniture with a strong focus on trends and design.